Holland Park Heroes | Brisbane Kids Superhero Photos

Introducing the cutest band of superheroes around! 

We are blessed with some awesome neighbours. Our kids all love hanging out, playing, and training at martial arts together. After watching them playing in their costumes lately, I had an idea to create an image to celebrate their friendship. This is such a sweet and innocent time of life for them, and I hope they have many more years creating great memories as a group.

I’m so happy with the way it turned out, and can’t wait to get it printed nice and big. 


brisbane kids superhero photos

This photo was created with these three original images, and a sprinkling of photoshop magic. 

brisbane kids superhero photos

The kids were all so cooperative, with the exception of Ironman and Hulk (my two, of course!) who were slightly more interested in being their alter egos than taking a boring photo. 

Brisbane Kids Superhero Photos

To see who’s who, watch their intro video here. 

The Holland Park Heroes

My tiny Ironman, Sam 

brisbane kids superhero photos ironman

Hunter made a fantastic and very dedicated Captain America 

brisbane kids superhero photos captain america

Will, the Incredibly convincing Hulk

brisbane kids superhero photos hulk

Liam as Superman

brisbane kids superhero photos superman

Batman, as Batman (actually it’s Callum, but he’s dressed as Batman so often I’m not sure any more)

brisbane kids superhero photos batman

Mia, the strongest of them all, as Wonder Woman

brisbane kids superhero photos wonder woman

If you’ve got a special project in mind, I’d love to work with you to bring it to life. Get in touch here to chat more. 

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