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What Makes Photos Valuable?

I have recently discovered Chatbooks. They offer a book-printing service that automatically sucks your photos from Instagram and/or other sources, and creates a regular series of books. Because I’m terrible at culling my phone’s camera […]


Timelapse Newborn Session | Newborn Photographer Brisbane

Before you’ve experienced a studio newborn session, it may be hard to picture how baby photos can take three hours. Often about half an hour into a session, parents have an “aha” moment. The feeds, […]


Introducing Custom Photo Apps for your Newborn & Family Photos

Custom Photo Apps make it so easy to enjoy your photos I talk a lot about the value of prints. My goal is to make it easy for you to enjoy your photos with a […]


Introducing Little Stories Studio

After 8 years, the time has come to say goodbye to Gerty Photography. When I started this business I was single (but optimistic about eventually finding a husband!), and didn’t want to use my maiden name […]


Exist in Photos | This is What I Want to Do For You

In the trenches, it’s sometimes hard to see past the piles of washing, the endless homework, the sibling squabbles (or all-out wars). It seems like this time will last forever. Surely we’re not missing anything, […]