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How to Photograph Your Christmas Tree

I am really looking forward to Christmas this year – even though Will will only be 11 months old, there’s a whole new excitement when there are kids to celebrate with. I have very fond […]


What Portrait Photography is All About | Brisbane Family Photographer

I have been enthusiastically taking photos for a long time with any camera that was handy. When I first got my SLR some years ago, I went walking around Brisbane CBD taking photos, primarily of […]


Love My Camera Part 2: Matching the Results You Want to the Camera Gear You Need

Ok, you read Part 1, and you have a conceptual idea of what you want your new camera to be able to do for you. But how do you turn that list of desires into […]


Love My Camera Part 1: Top 10 Things to Think About Before You Buy

So you’ve seen your friends get great results from their fancy new DSLR camera, and you want to do the same. You love the way you can blur the background to really make the people […]