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What about COVID-19 and Newborn & Family Photos?

Current status –

Limited operations April-June 2020
Bookings available for July 2020 onwards with ZERO upfront cost

Just a quick note to reassure you if you are looking for a newborn or family photographer at this time.  I will be reviewing all decisions regarding hygiene, procedures and any necessary closures as new info and direction comes from the government.

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UPDATED – 30th March 2020

In line with Government directives issued yesterday, the studio will be unable to host newborn or family sessions. At this stage, business headshots for individuals can be done in the studio, and you can see my corporate photography website here for more information.

I am still working on completing client galleries, conducting ordering appointments via Zoom, and taking bookings for sessions later in the year. As I don’t yet know when the studio can be fully operational again, I am offering the opportunity to book your session with no up-front cost. If you have a baby due July 2020 or afterwards, or would like to chat about a family portrait, please get in touch here.

Stay home & stay safe!
Jess xx

UPDATED – 25th March 2020

The time has come to very carefully consider how I look after my clients & my family.

I am still taking limited bookings for small family groups where everyone in attendance is well. All cleaning and sanitary precautions will be taken for every session.

I will be in touch with clients who have upcoming bookings to manage either scheduling or postponing their sessions and ordering appointments on a case-by-case basis.

Print pickups can still be completed with no contact required. I do still have some orders with my suppliers and I will be working with them over the coming days to ensure your beautiful prints are safe.


I will be taking long-term bookings for newborns due July 2020 onwards, and families wishing to schedule portraits later in the year – no reservation fee required. So let me pencil you in with no up-front cost to you. Referral bonuses are still available and can be accrued during this time too.

Take care, hold your family close.

Jess xx

UPDATED – 24th March 2020

We are still well, and continue to self-isolate. However, with the current trajectory of COVID-19 cases, I have decided to limit the potential exposure for my clients even more.

  • I will be doing ordering appointments online via Zoom instead of in person in the studio.
  • All current bookings can go ahead if everyone in attendance is well.
  • New bookings will be taken on a case by case basis depending on the size of the family and the availability of an assistant for newborn sessions.

If you have any questions, or would like to chat about a session soon, please get in touch here.

UPDATED – 18th March 2020

My family and I have decided to self-isolate early starting Monday 16th March 2020. This is purely precautionary: both to help “flatten the curve” and to ensure that I can continue to stay open for my clients and provide a safe environment.

We are currently all well and in a very low risk category for COVID-19.

The studio is separate from all other areas of our home, and will only be accessed by myself. I recently completed a deep clean of my entire studio and prop collection (epic undertaking!) due to renovation dust getting in.

For current clients – if you are unwell at the time of your booking, please let me know with as much notice as possible so that we can reschedule your session.

For future clients – I am continuing to take bookings and welcome any questions you may have. Being a small studio, I have the opportunity to ensure the space is clean before each session, and clients do not need to interact with other families during their time here.

I very much appreciate your support through this time, and hope that my business will survive this crisis – I would love to be taking your family’s beautiful photos for many years to come.

Jess xx

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