What to Expect… Your Newborn Session

Studio Newborn Photos

I love meeting tiny new people and taking their very first portraits. Many of my clients have never experienced anything like this before! This guide walks you through how I create my studio newborn photos so that you can have a better idea about what to expect.

I want this to be a relaxing and easy experience for you. As a mum I understand that getting out of the house and feeling “photo ready” can be daunting in the early weeks with a brand new baby. While your little one is having their photos taken all you need to do is sit back and rest. I have plenty of patience and confidence handling and soothing babies, and I don’t have sleep deprivation to deal with! 

studio newborn photos brisbane southside

Welcome to the Studio

My Holland Park West (Brisbane southside) studio will be warmed for your arrival. I suggest you come dressed in light and comfortable clothes. Bring the clothes you want to wear for photos on hangers. There is a couch for parents to nap or enjoy watching their baby’s very first photography session, as well as free, fast WIFI to enjoy while you relax.

Sessions can last up to 3 hours, depending on how settled or hungry your baby is. I encourage my clients not to plan anything else for the day of the shoot.


Everything is provided for your session – plenty of wipes, waterproof wraps for changing and feeding, and spare props in case of soiling. Your little one will be without a nappy for the duration of the photo shoot, so mess is expected and perfectly normal. For some reason, it always seems to be dad who wears the explosion!

Before you arrive, I will put together several different prop set ups. These can be based on your colour/tone requests, or you can leave me to be creative and choose something unique for you. You are welcome to bring along a special blanket, toy, hat etc. to incorporate into your baby’s photos. If you have anything specific in mind, it helps if you can let me know beforehand so I can prepare complementary props.

Everything I use in the session is freshly washed and beautifully soft and suitable to be next to your bub’s delicate skin.

what to expect newborn brisbane

Some images from these setups…

what to expect brisbane newborn photography

The Process

Most of the time in your session will be spent soothing and posing your baby, with breaks for feeding if they’re hungry. You may be surprised how little time is actually spent with a camera in my hands. Once your bub is in position, a range of photos can be taken of each set up with minimal disturbance. A change of background or adding a little bear or headband can be done quickly and easily. This provides you with a lovely range of coordinated images to choose from.

Your baby will be posed in comfortable positions that display their gorgeous features. I work with whatever they are happy doing – some love being on their tummy, while others don’t. I will never place a tiny one into a position where they are uncomfortable or distressed.

This is me! Every detail is important, and slight adjustments can make a difference in the look of the final image.

what to expect newborn session Little Stories Studio what to expect

I work with an assistant for all of my newborn sessions. This means – 

  • you can relax and enjoy watching your baby’s photos be created;
  • I have a second set of hands for safety and soothing; and,
  • I can be ready to shoot the moment my assistant’s hands are taken away.

My experienced assistants can mean the difference between getting the shot and starting the settling process over again – which makes the session quicker and less tiring for your bub. The safety and comfort of your baby is my highest priority.

Little Stories Studio what to expect Little Stories Studio what to expect


Family is a huge part of what I do. New tiny people are precious, and make for gorgeous photos, but their place within your family is just as important. Older brothers and sisters are welcome, and we usually try to capture sibling photos at the start of the session, when the older kid/s are feeling fresh and cooperative. I have a few books and toys to help them relax and warm up to the studio environment, and of course finger puppets to help me press the shutter!

Once sibling and family photos are done, I suggest that a parent or grandparent take older children for a play in the park, a babychino at the cafe around the corner, or even back home if it’s suitable. This saves toddlers and kids from a long wait, and avoids too much noise disturbing your newborn during their individual photos.

siblings at newborn session

Sibling photos are so special.

brisbane newborn sibling photos

brisbane multiples triplets sibling newborn-photos

After Your Session

Once your baby’s first photo shoot is complete, I will edit a selection of photos for your gallery. You can expect anywhere between three to seven images from each setup. Most babies are happy to pose for about 3-4 individual setups, and then snuggle with mum and dad for some family shots. I will let you know via email when your photos are ready, and we then set up a time for you to return to studio to see your images and place your order.

Little Stories Studio what to expect

I offer a large range of options for displaying your photos, from canvas to custom framing, albums and more. You are welcome to bring measurements of the wall space you’d like to fill, and I can help guide you in choosing appropriate products for your family. Showing my clients the finished product is one of my favourite parts of this whole process! Plus the extra baby snuggles of course…

Little Stories Studio what to expect

I hope this provides a little insight into everything that goes on behind the scenes.

You can find more resources to help you choosing a newborn photographer here, and some pricing information here. If you are ready to chat about your own newborn session, I’d love to hear from you below.

Send me some more info please!