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I started crocheting these little blue shorts for Sam Bear months ago, and they sat on my desk, unfinished, for so long. I finally got around to completing them last week, hoping they still fit over his chunky little thighs. So it was time to do some updated baby photos. My little munchkin is well and truly on the move. Still such a happy guy. My favourite thing at the moment is the way he says “mumumumum” and stretches his arms up to be picked up whenever I move towards him. How I love him!

One of the best things about photography for me is the first look at the photos when I download them from the memory card. Often when I take studio shots of the boys, I only spend a few minutes and they’re often less cooperative than I might like – so having that first look at the photos and seeing some “keepers” always makes me smile. Probably the same way that clients do when they visit to see their photos for the first time.

8 month baby boy Baby Photography Brisbane Brisbane Southside Studio Photography Brisbane kids photography

My next challenge is an updated shot of my boys together.

If you’d love some photos of your own little ones, you can get in touch with me here.

Beautiful Brisbane baby photography at my studio in Holland Park West.

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