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Babywearing Tips | Choosing the Best Baby Carrier for You | Brisbane

I recently invited Kylie from Babywearing and You into the studio to chat about some babywearing tips that I could share with my clients. The popularity of babywearing has grown considerably since I had my boys. We all know how much babies just LOVE to be held, and babywearing is a great tool that can make life easier for you in this demanding stage of life. 

babywearing tips brisbane

Benefits of Babywearing

While it might be nice to cuddle your baby on the couch all day, life with little people is busy. Babywearing allows you keep experiencing all the benefits of being close to your bub, while getting on with your everyday activities. 

babywearing tips

Parents can snuggle, smell and bond with their baby, without tired arms and an aching back. You can keep an eye on your newborn while being handsfree to do other things. Dads get to experience that incredible closeness that mums have enjoyed while carrying and feeding. Which also means that mums can have a break without an upset baby crying for more cuddles. It even provides an avenue for exercise that doesn’t require a babysitter. 

There are huge benefits for babies too – the stimulation and development that comes from touch, scent and hearing their care-giver’s voice. The bonding and security of being held. 

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There are so many ways to incorporate babywearing into your lifestyle, and Kylie’s goal is to help you find the best strategy and carrier that works for you and your family. 

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Babywearing Safety

As always, safety first! When Will was born, the only baby carriers I’d heard of were Baby Bjorn & fabric slings. It is now recommended to only wear your baby in an upright position. The cradle/lay-down slings bring the head forward and can obstruct the airway. 

babywearing consultant brisbane

Isla in a gorgeous Kokadi Flip soft structured carrier

While most baby carriers on the market today are safe if used properly, if I had my time again I would speak to a consultant like Kylie to learn how to wear my bubs safely. Please ensure you read the instruction manual that comes with your carrier and if in doubt, seek an expert’s help.

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There is a great article about babywearing safety here

Babywearing Tips

The most common request that Kylie receives is “How do I help my baby love being worn?” Like everything with a baby – it’s a learning process for both you and your bub. 

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The first step to success is finding the carrier that suits you. There are so many types and styles to choose from –  

  • soft structured carriers (the most popular and often easiest to use)
  • half buckles
  • woven wraps
  • ring slings
  • and more!

babywearing tips

If your baby doesn’t seem to be loving it, here are Kylie’s suggestions for making it work:

  • Pick your time – start with short stints at a time when your bub is happy. Once you are both pros, babywearing is great to settle a cranky baby. But to get started, wait til bub is fed, changed, and content.  
  • Get moving – once bub is secure, try bouncing, dancing or walking.
  • Go outside, sing and talk. Play with toys or talk to each other in a mirror. Distraction can help overcome the initial objections.
  • Be a bit persistent – sometimes babies don’t like getting into their carrier, but are quite happy once they’ve settled into position. Don’t give up too soon. 
  • Seek help – it can take a while to get a good understanding of how your baby should be positioned and what it feels like. Often her clients are surprised at how snug the carrier should be. Knowing that you’re positioning your baby properly and safely can give you the confidence to persist. 

Babywearing can be something you and your little one enjoy for years, making shopping and days out a more relaxed experience for your family. 

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Kylie is wearing Emily in a Yaro Woven Wrap

Babywearing and You

If you would like more babywearing tips, including a ton of helpful and in-depth articles, visit the website at Babywearing and You. Kylie offers a range of services during pregnancy, the newborn stage, and right through to preschool carriers.

  • Kangatraining – fun and social exercise for you and your bub to do together. Babywearing workouts in Carindale, Manly & Capalaba.
  • Online store – Australian retailer for Kokadi, Emeibaby, Didymos, Fidella, Hoppediz, Manduca, Cadenshae, Active Nursing Wear and Attpas Baby Shoes. 

Of course I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a couple of photos of Kylie’s gorgeous girls together. Emily absolutely adores her little sister, and loves giving her kisses!

brisbane kids photography brisbane kids photography

Would you love some gorgeous photos of you and your little one? Click here to visit the galleries and see some of my lovely past-clients’ photos. 

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