How You Look? or How You Love? | Brisbane Family and Wedding Photographer

People take photos for a myriad of different reasons. Obviously a lot of the time, it’s to record a certain event or time in your life. But what I love the most about my job is the opportunity to record the emotion, not just the look.

An iPhone can take a pretty good shot and help you remember how you looked that day, what you wore, and who was there. But the photographs you treasure forever show how you felt, the love that was shared, the memories that were made. It gives depth and context to your experiences, and these will be the images you show your children and grand-children.

I definitely agree that there’s a place for “look at the camera and smile” shots, but when I’m editing a session, it’s the images that say something about the moment being shared, between a couple or within a family, that stand out the most.

I scrolled through some recent (and not so recent) sessions to pick out my favourites to share. Usually it really has very little to do with how you look, and everything to do with how you love.

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