beautiful photo of brothers reading together

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When we were pregnant with Sam, my hubby expressed his concern that we would become complacent with the second child, and he would miss out on being photographed as much as our first baby. However with the convenience of the studio always being set up downstairs, Sam’s first 15 months have been well and truly documented! I often take photos of the boys individually – either Sam while Will’s at kindy, or Will while Sam’s having a nap. A nice photo of the two of them together… it’s about as rare as a unicorn sighting!

So I was determined yesterday to make it happen. They both LOVE books, and Will was wonderfully obliging for me – allowing Sam to direct and do most of the “reading.” In fact, he’s a really great big brother in general. Watching the two of them play, so far, is just the nicest thing. I do hear a fair amount of exasperation from Will though… “Saaaaaam… stop destroying my tracks…” I wonder if things will improve as time goes on, or if their little personalities will clash a bit more.

Will’s quite insistent that we need to have another brother for him, so it can’t be too bad!

beautiful photo of brothers reading together

This photo is my favourite, and is going on the wall. It’s not the typical “look and smile” shot, but it represents so many things that are important to us. Togetherness; sharing; patience; a love of reading. I tried sooo many things to get a shot of them together before finally having a lightbulb moment to give them a book! It also reminds me of the blessings we have in a loving family – this book was given to Sam on the day he was born by his grandparents. Will is wearing a shirt that a lovely friend brought back from the US for him, and Sam is wearing some Ted Baker gorgeousness that mum & I found for him for the boys’ dedication earlier this year. A lot of love wrapped up in one little photo.

children's photographer brisbane sibling photos Brisbane cheeky kids sibling photos Brisbane children's photographer brisbane

And I managed to sneak a couple of individual shots at the end before the need for sandwiches drove us out of the studio. Oh how this little curly redhead makes me melt!

Brisbane baby photographer

My hilarious soon-to-be-a-schoolkid boy. Every time I photograph him I end up with about 20 different expressions. The harder he tries to give me a nice smile, the crazier they get.

Brisbane kids photos children's studio portraits Brisbane

As parents we often have a phone at the ready to catch the spontaneous moments and funny videos of the next exciting milestone. But taking just a short time out to preserve these sort of images is just priceless to me. Even finding the words to write for blog posts like these makes me stop and think about what’s special about each of my sons, and appreciate their growing relationship with each other.


All of my clients finish their portrait experience with beautiful artwork to take home and display – ready-to-hang custom framed prints or canvases, hand-crafted albums, acrylic desk prints – the list goes on. It is so important to me that this is easy for my clients, and that they have professionally printed images to show off. I love digitals, and always offer them, but there is absolutely nothing like enjoying your precious memories every single day when you see them on the wall. Getting digital files off your USB and printed beautifully is a bit of a hassle when you’ve got so much else to do, and that’s why I love to do it for my clients – I know they’re getting high quality, and I’m doing all the work for them. So of course I need to take my own advice!

custom framing Brisbane professionally printed photography

A lot of my images have warm and soft tones – I love the way this copper and off-white double mat brings out the colours in this print.

copper & off-white double mat

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