Thanks for purchasing digital images – it makes me happy to see the Little Stories Studio love spread far and wide!

Due to the nature of digital “products” there are a few legal and practical things we need to quickly clarify before you enjoy admiring and sharing your images.


Buying digital images gives you a licence to print the images, and share them with your friends and family. It is not a transfer of ownership. It’s important to know that the copyright of these images will always belong to Little Stories Studio / Jessica Roth. Please do not sell, edit, alter or distribute them, use them for commercial purposes, or claim them as your own.


For printing, use the images located in the PRINT folder (or in the case of a single file, the image with PRINT in the filename). Full resolution images can usually be printed up to around 12×18 inches. Medium resolution images can be printed up to 6×4 inches only. Medium resolution images may not be used to print enlargements.

Your images are presented in an aspect ratio of 2:3. Be aware that printing at certain sizes may result in some cropping out of part of the image. If in doubt, feel free to get in touch with me and I can help you get the best outcome for your prints by helping you crop and resize if necessary. I recommend always using a good quality lab like Photo Continental for a good colour and quality result. All the prints you get directly through Gerty are done at a professional lab, so I can always help you out if you want the best reproductions of your images. Gerty Photography accepts no responsibility for images printed through your chosen retail lab or at home.


For sharing via email or online, use the images in WEB folder (or in the case of single file, the image with WEB in the filename). They have been resized so they don’t clog up your friends’ inboxes or take too long to load online. It is very easy for images to be “stolen” from sites like facebook, and this watermark protects both you (it lessens the likelihood of having images of you and your family sold or publicly displayed without your approval) and Little Stories Studio.


Digital media (such as DVDs, CDs, flash drives and computer storage) do not last forever. It is important that you back up your files to at least two location, and make sure one copy is stored “off-site” or separately to the originals. Little Stories Studio does not guarantee archival of your images after the delivery of your files, so it is your responsibility to ensure they are not lost of corrupted.