Brisbane Newborn Photography Gallery

Newborn portraits are just divine! Teeny, tiny perfection…


I love simple and relaxed poses that show off your baby’s delightful little features. Your baby’s comfort and safety is my highest priority during your session. I aim to create a gallery of images that go nicely together, but also have variety. Sweet and simple photos using minimal props; as well as some more elaborate setups using layers of colour and texture.


The tiny people featured in this gallery are around 7 to 24 days old. Approximately 10-14 days old is the ideal age to photograph newborns while they are still sleepy and love to be curled up and cozy.

Newborn & Siblings

I remember the moment I saw Will for the first time after Sam was born. Suddenly he looked like a giant, not a three & a half year old… Sibling photos are sooo special, and it’s often my favourite part of the session. If I could bottle the emotion in the studio from mum & dad when they see their babies snuggling together…. well I think I could probably retire.

Creative Portraits

A little Photoshop magic makes for some extra special newborn photos. These are created using special shooting techniques and digital backgrounds. This means that your finished gallery can include some amazing creative images, without the need to set up elaborate props during your session. 


The comfort and safety of your little one is my highest priority. Digital backdrops allow us to incorporate elements like flowers and foliage that you wouldn’t usually pose a newborn next to. 

Family Love

Family photos with your brand new baby are the first portraits we take at your session.


No matter how you’re feeling – anxious in front of the camera, managing your postpartum recovery, exhausted from zero sleep…. I help you look and feel your best. The focus is on your baby and your growing family – the soft light, snuggly posing and Photoshop do the rest! 

A baby makes love stronger, the days shorter, the nights longer, savings smaller, and a home happier.

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