Q. I don’t like having my photo taken! Can you just take photos of the baby?

A. Yes I can just take photos of your newborn, but I assure you, you will be blown away by how lovely you will look, even days after having a baby. Soft light, good posing, a touch of makeup and a little Photoshop will work wonders. You don’t have to buy those photos if you don’t like them, but I’m confident you won’t regret having them available to choose from in your gallery.

newborn & family photos

Q. I’m worried about getting out of the house with a brand new baby. 

A. This isn’t really a “question” but it’s a common concern that I totally relate to! Often you’re booking your newborn session when you’re pregnant, and it can be hard to predict how you’ll be coping in those early days. That’s one of the reasons I usually schedule newborn sessions around the two week mark, once you’ve had a bit more time to settle in and start to adjust. 

Sometimes the newborn session is the first outing since coming home from hospital, so booking during pregnancy gives you time to mentally prepare for that one busy morning. And once you arrive, you can nap on the couch while I’m photographing your baby. You wouldn’t be the first, and you may as well sleep while I take care of your little one!

Q. Can grandparents be part of the newborn & family photos?

A. Definitely yes! Family heritage is so special and I grandparents are very welcome to be part of your newborn & family photos. There is no additional charge for adding extra people to your session.

For newborn shoots, I will do the family and grandparents’ photos first. The studio is kept very warm for baby’s comfort, so I will usually ask grandparents to head home or to the cafe around the corner once those photos are taken.

Q. Can I choose the colours you use in my newborn photos?

A. Yes you can. When you book in there is a short questionnaire, and you can let me know if there are any requests for your shoot. Colours, styles (simple or more elaborate) etc. I create original setups for every session, using a huge range of props. So unless you would like me to replicate a previous setup, I choose the unique styling for your session based on the info you provide.

Q. I’m concerned that my kids won’t sit up and smile. What if they’re not well behaved? 

A. This is a common concern that I totally relate to! We love our kids, but they can be ratbags, right? The best way to improve your chances of getting great kids photos is to talk them beforehand about what will happen, what you would like them to do, and what they can expect. You can show them the photos of the studio here, including the big studio light that will help me take their photo. 

I’ve worked with soooo many kids over the years and I’ve never met one who doesn’t allow me to take at least a few lovely photos. 

newborn & family photos

Q. I just want digital images, is that an option?

A. Yep it is. But I warmly encourage you to let me print some of your photos for you. The colour and quality of my products from professional suppliers far exceeds that of your local retail photo lab. I do everything for you, so all you need to do is hang them on your wall and enjoy! Digital images are great for sharing, but can be lost, corrupted or become obsolete over time. Your investment in beautiful wall art or a handmade album will last for generations. And better still, you get to enjoy your images in your home instead of having them buried on a harddrive somewhere. 

Q. I’m not sure I can afford the package I have my eye on. Do you offer payment plans? 

A. Of course! I’m more than happy to chat about splitting your investment over 2-3 months, and we can customise a plan that suits you best at your ordering appointment. I also accept all major credit cards, including AMEX, if that’s your preferred way to pay. 

Q. Will the photos from my session be shared online? 

A. I use three platforms for sharing images – my website, Facebook and Instagram. A few of my favourites from your session may be shared on any of these three. However, if you prefer that I don’t publish your photos, please let me know and I will be happy to abide by your wishes. All of the photos I share online are small, watermarked versions to deter theft and unauthorised use. 

Q. What if I don’t like my photos? 

A. I am so confident that you’ll love your photos – I offer a money back guarantee. If there aren’t enough photos in your gallery to make up at least a simple package that you love, I will happily re-shoot your session if possible, or refund your reservation fee. This hasn’t happened yet, but I want you to be confident in your decision. 

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