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Baby Jacob & His Special Gift | Brisbane Newborn Photography

As you may know, I’m big into nana-sports – crocheting in particular. It relaxes me and I love making unique props for my baby & newborn photography sessions. When my lovely friend Megan told me they was expecting a new addition to their family, I decided to make a blanket for their little one. Gender unknown, I tried to go for something fairly neutral (for fellow yarn lovers, I used Bendigo Woollen Mills 8ply cotton for this) that could be used and loved for years.

c2c crocheted blanket greens and neutrals gift

Of course I couldn’t part with it without having handsome little Jacob model it for me! Here he is, 10 days of newborn delightfulness.

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I always let my clients know that they are welcome to bring sentimental items like this to their session, so we can incorporate them where possible. After anticipating Jacob’s arrival and working on his blanket, this was a special session for me. I hope he enjoys it, snuggles into it, and drags it around with him as he grows and starts to walk and play.

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