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Sam Turns Four | Birthday Photos Brisbane

On each of my boys’ birthday’s, I make sure I take the time to capture a little bit of their personality and character as they grow up. It’s a tradition that can be a bit of a challenge to maintain! But one day I hope to look back on an amazing collection of birthday photos through the years. 

Sam usually wears darker colours to disguise the mess and mayhem of childhood play. When he dressed himself the other day he chose a white shirt, and it looked so bright and lovely next to his rosy skin and awesome red hair. So I chose this simple outfit for this year’s photos to remind myself of a time when he would dress himself, and then launch himself out into the living area with a flourish – “ta da!” A time when getting dressed for the day is akin to performance art. 

This first photo is one of Sam’s greatest weapons. His Puss ‘n Boots eyes get us every time! What hope do we have of saying no to this face? 

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He is just so delightful! Absolutely endless smiles. 

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I had ONE photo that I really wanted from this session. My two boys, close and snuggly, with their beautiful happy smiles. Of course, I got craziness instead!

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But we got there in the end! These two munchkins light up my whole world. 

studio sibling photos

It’s been a while since I had all four of my kids in one photo. I thought it was a great opportunity to give it a go. 

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Happy birthday Sam Bear! Our awesome, cheeky, happy, mischievous and loveable ninja.

I love celebrating special milestones, both for my own family and for my clients. If you would love some beautiful birthday photos like these, please get in touch here.

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