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When I was a little girl, I had a dress. The most perfect dress that made me feel like a princess when I put it on. It was green and pink and I completely adored it. I don’t even know if I’m remembering it accurately, but when Ava walked in wearing her perfect princess dress, it brought the memories of my special dress right back! I wonder if all little girls have that one particular dress that they’ll always remember? 

It was lovely having Luke & Danielle in the studio recently with their little ones. The kids were just delightful and such different personalities. 

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Parents don’t often have photos together once the family grows and kids join the party. But I think it’s so important and always encourage it during family shoots. 

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Ava was very excited for her photos, and looked like a perfect ballerina in her gorgeous dress. I just adore this first photo of her – the moment I took it, I could see glimpses of a strong and beautiful young lady. 

Handsome Levi – I love his big happy smile that shows those missing baby teeth. Soon the new ones will grow through and that little kid grin will be no more. 

Cheeky Lacey chose her favourite Paw Patrol t-shirt for her photos, and gave me the sweetest smiles! 

Look at those eyes! Sweet little Ruby.

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