digital composite newborn photos

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Take a peek behind the digital scenes

I have always adored simple and sweet newborn images. Photos where your baby is the focus. In all of my newborn sessions I include a plain white/cream setup, and some lovely simple arrangements. 

Recently, however, I have been indulging my creativity to create some more elaborate images using digital composites. I am now offering a combined  

Making Your Session Quicker

Some setups can be time consuming to prepare. Fresh flowers have a limited life, and may only be available at a certain time of year. Having “empty” digital backgrounds as stock images means I can prepare at any time, and not use up lots of your time in the studio.  

I was visiting my brother last weekend and these stunning flowers were all over his big Indian Hawthorn bush. I came home that afternoon with a boot full of branches he generously pruned for me, and created these lovely backdrops. Using a photo of sweet little Lucy from her newborn session in May, and a little Photoshop magic…

digital composite newborn photos

For photographers – you can purchase these and many other digital backdrop designs in my Etsy store here

More Variety in Your Gallery

Some babies are super sleepy and happy to be moved through several different poses and props. But some babies are less settled and getting a variety of images can be more challenging. Using a posing aid like The Perfect Posie, I can take a few simple photos, and turn them into amazing new images. 

From these…

perfect posie newborn photo

To these…

digital composite newborn photography

I made this little blanket and then couldn’t wait to use it. With these two original photos I made the first composite. A quick tweak in Photoshop and one background can become a whole range of colours.   

colour change digital image newborn crochet blanket

Still a beautifully simple setup which can now be achieved after your photo shoot is over. 

colour change digital image newborn crochet blanket

I have created some backgrounds myself, and others I have purchased from talented designers.

rainbow baby newborn digital composite art

Sometimes the final product is created from a basic photo that I take specifically for compositing. The Perfect Posie keeps bub snug in a lovely curled up position. Even though I am using digital backdrops, they are still lovely and simple and complement the style of the rest of the images in the gallery. 

before and after digital composite newborn photos

Lucy all snuggled up with my assistant just inches away.

before and after digital composite newborn photos

before and after digital composite newborn photos

And other times the composited photo uses a photo of your bub from one of the setups in your session.

before and after digital composite newborn photos

For this photo, once I had finished photographing Ruby on the crocheted blanket, I placed the purple wool around her. Without moving Ruby at all, a whole new image is created.

brisbane newborn photographer

If you’d like to talk to me about digital composite newborn photos, please get in touch here

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