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Exist in Photos | This is What I Want to Do For You

In the trenches, it’s sometimes hard to see past the piles of washing, the endless homework, the sibling squabbles (or all-out wars). It seems like this time will last forever. Surely we’re not missing anything, because it’s Groundhog Day everyday!! How could we ever forget!?! But we know it doesn’t last forever. We know they grow oh so quickly. 

Photography is a gift. A beautiful, worthwhile, heart-singing gift that allows us to look back at a moment in time. It’s a gift I want to give you. I want you to exist in photos.

Photos displayed proudly in your home give your children an even stronger sense of love and belonging in your family. 

They say This Is Us. This is our team. 

And while having a professional portrait session may sometimes seem an indulgence in the digital age – I can promise you that it’s something you and your family will never regret. 

Exist in Photos

You may take lots of photos of your kids, your partners, your family. But how many are you in? And how many of those are as flattering as you’d like? Setting aside time for a portrait session means taking the opportunity to look your best, wear something a little pretty, feel like the best version of yourself. I’m a big believer in a natural look – I don’t wear makeup unless it’s a super special occasion, and I dress in shorts and t-shirts most of the time. Having your portrait taken doesn’t mean changing who you are! It just gives you an opportunity… Select a favourite outfit that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Be surrounded by and connected to your family. Be in an environment where the photographer can suggest the best way to stand, and shape the light to be gentle and flattering. 

I set this photo up of my own family – I’m not wearing any makeup, I’m in 10 year old jeans, and I’m wearing my favourite top. My arms are around my family. We are connected. It’s simple, but it’s important.

I can do this for you!

exist in photos

Print Your Photos

Your beautiful images are more than just a bunch of files on a USB. My clients receive professionally printed images from their session – custom framing, canvas, metal, acrylic. The options are plentiful to suit your style and budget. And best of all, you don’t have to do anything except choose! They will be printed and prepared for you to simply take them home and put them on display. 

exist in photos

I see this photo and it makes me smile every day when I walk through the studio to my office!

Photos are created to be enjoyed! Every day in your home, and for many years to come by your family and friends. 

Now is the time to capture some family memories. 

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