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Extended Family Studio Photos | Dagar Family

Extended family studio photos are so special! I love having multiple generations all together – it’s such a great opportunity to have both separate family photos, and combined photos with everyone together. Sometimes these opportunities only come once in a blue moon. Hetain’s family were visiting from England, so we found a morning that suited everyone to get together for these beautiful photos. 

For something different, I thought I’d share their session video! 

brisbane family photographerextended family studio photos

Finding time to get your whole family in one place at the same time can be a challenge! But it’s so worth it for such a beautiful glimpse into your family’s history. These are the photos you’ll look back on when you’re the grandparents and the kids are all grown up with families of their own. 

If you would like to chat about booking in for your own extended family studio photos, please get in touch here. And bonus… it doesn’t cost any more than a regular family session! If your family is a bit big to fit in the studio, or you just prefer it, you can have your extended family portrait outdoors too. 

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