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An Amazing Christmas Gift | Handmade With Love

It’s not often I’m completely taken by surprise on Christmas morning. As I’m sure many mums can relate, I often have a hand in “ordering” or sourcing my own Christmas gifts during the festive season. And I don’t mind at all, because it means getting exactly what I’ve been hoping for! 

But this story starts about a year and a half ago…

I always encourage my newborn clients to bring sentimental items with them to include in their photos. Many families bring gorgeous hand knitted shawls with them (most made by loving grandparents or heirloom blankets belonging to the parents), which I always want to keep! My mum assisted me for Ashlin’s session back in April 2015, and her mum brought this amazing blanket with her. It was made by her grandma and is a beautiful feature of her newborn gallery. 

Knitted baby shawl - Brisbane newborn photographer

Ethan’s family brought this stunning shawl to their session in May 2016 – another amazing creation I wanted to kidnap for the studio!

This prompted mum to suggest she could knit one for me. 

So six months ago – pattern, yarn and circular needles in hand – the blanket was begun. In the first week, mum reported frustration with the intricacy of the pattern and the time consuming nature of error corrections. As the months went by, and life was busy, nothing more was said. Except perhaps for the odd sneaky “one day I’ll get back to it” comment… I understood it would be a long term project, and was happy to wait. Little did I know! For days and nights and hour upon hour, mum was secretly working away on the most amazing blanket!

When it came time to open gifts on Christmas Day, I didn’t suspect a thing! Even when I picked it up and mum asked dad to grab the camera, I had no idea what was in the squishy package… 

Christmas gift hand knitted baby shawl

And then the tears… The moment I saw it I knew. I knew how many hours, how much effort, and how much love was wrapped up in that little bundle. 

Christmas gift hand knitted baby shawl

Thanks mum xxx

handmade with love knitting label

I’ve been thinking a lot about family lately:  

About how much I treasure the closeness I share with my wonderful hubby and our boys.

The strong, loving, selfless examples set by both of our parents.

My brother and his family who are currently living on the other side of the world, and are very missed. 

And the love and connection that I get to share with my amazing clients. The families who trust me to be their witness and preserve their special memories. 

So, when Elliot’s family came back to see his newborn gallery this morning, I just had to ask if I could take a few photos. Even at 5 weeks old, Little Mr Cooperative happily slept for a few minutes just for these shots. Big thanks to Amanda and Alan for indulging me!

newborn photography hand knitted baby shawl blanket giftnewborn photography hand knitted baby shawl blanket giftnewborn photography hand knitted baby shawl blanket giftnewborn photography hand knitted baby shawl blanket giftnewborn photography hand knitted baby shawl blanket gift

I would love to be a part of your family’s special memories too – get in touch here to chat about creating some beautiful photos like these. 

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