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How to Choose a Newborn Photographer | Questions to Ask

You have a new little one on the way… You’re thinking about newborn photos… So how do you choose a newborn photographer? There are so many lovely and talented photographers out there – you are spoilt for choice. You’ve only got a short time to capture all that newborn goodness, and it’s a significant decision to make.

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You’re not just picking someone to create beautiful artwork for you – you’re selecting the person you will trust with your precious new baby.

Here are a few questions you might like to ask, and ideas you will want to consider.

Does your photographer's style suit you?

In a metro area like Brisbane, there are plenty of photographers offering a variety of different styles. Have a look at recent blog posts, ask to see a full client gallery, and look through portfolios to get a good sense of the type of images your photographer takes. Choose someone whose work resonates with you – images that you can see yourself and your family in.

My newborn style is warm with gentle colours, relaxed posing and lots of focus on the connection your family shares.


Photographing tiny little people requires a certain confidence and skill. Finding a photographer who specialises in newborn imagery and has plenty of experience in handling and looking after babies is key. Every little person and every session is different. A confident and practiced photographer will be better able to handle unsettled babies; guide new parents with strategies to get through a session successfully; and, safely and comfortably pose your baby for beautiful photos.

I have been working with newborns for over ten years, and I have two munchkins of my own. I love it when my clients comment on how comfortable they are seeing me work with their little one!

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Public liability insurance is essential, if the you or a member of your family be injured during your photo shoot. With safety procedures in place and extreme care taken during newborn sessions, I’ve never had a client impacted in this way. But unfortunately accidents can happen, and my studio is well covered in such an event.


Newborn photography is a delicate art. Your baby’s comfort and safety is always my number one priority. This is one of the main reasons that I work with an experienced assistant for every newborn session. A second set of hands keeps your baby secure and within easy reach at all times, even when I’m holding the camera. 

It also means that you can relax on the couch and watch your baby’s first portrait session without needing to help out. Those first couple of weeks with your bub can be exhausting, and your newborn shoot should be a lovely and relaxing experience. 


We live in a digital age, and sharing images online is wonderful, but a USB in your drawer doesn’t bring you any joy! The best way to get lasting value from your portrait session is to print your photos. Then you can enjoy them in your home every day!

I have spent years cultivating relationships with my suppliers so that I can deliver beautiful and high quality artwork to my clients. Stunning frames, canvas, wood prints and more – all ready to hang straight on your wall. Handmade albums that can be shared with friends and family. No more work from you! You don’t have to find a printer and framer. You won’t be getting disappointing off-colour prints from Big W. My screen is colour calibrated to my lab, so I know that the prints I give you will be gorgeous! The prints you purchase today will become a legacy for your children to enjoy.

Find more info to help you choose a Brisbane newborn photographer here.  

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