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January 2015 – Photo A Day Project

I decided to start the year with a little personal project while Bruce was on holidays and we had set aside a bit of time just for family. I really enjoyed it – there were only a couple of days that I struggled for time and/or inspiration. It’s produced such a lovely little collection of images of me and my boys, and it was also nice to work with lots of different locations and lighting, after spending a lot of last year photographing my kids in the studio. Brisbane, Noosa, Burrum Heads…

I particularly have to thank Bruce and my mum for bearing with me, and taking some of the photos so I could be in a few too. And big thanks to my Facebook followers for your feedback and kind words.

So this is us, in black and white – January 2015.


Day 1

When we were house hunting just over a year ago, our three priorities were: proximity to school for Will, a studio for me, and sufficient land for a shed for Bruce.

And his little Apprentice is never far away.


Day 2

Sometimes being an almost-four-year-old is tiring work.


Day 3

Little Sam.


Day 4

Toy graveyard under Sam Bear’s high chair. Lucky he’s got a little minion to keep picking them up for him.


Day 5

Happy little pumpkin face.


Day 6

First day of a new kindy adventure.


Day 7

Quiet days while Will is at kindy. Lots of play, lots of cuddles, and a bit of work time for me. I’m enjoying Sam’s “babyhood” so much.

This mobile doesn’t actually hang over his cot while he’s sleeping in it anymore, but I wanted a photo before it becomes another relic of the era of infancy in our house.


Day 8

Tomorrow is our 5th wedding anniversary. Because we were sentimental and chose to get married on my parents’ 34th wedding anniversary, we’re celebrating a day early to take advantage of their babysitting services tonight!

And why not make a day of it? We went for a lovely lunch at Sirromet Wines, back where we began our married life.


Day 9

Celebrating 5 years of marriage today. And the blessing of these two little munchkins who make our family complete.

Finally Will has someone who finds all his crazy antics absolutely hilarious!


Day 10

Summer fun in the backyard. A time-honoured Aussie tradition.


Day 11

I think you should share that Apollo…


Day 12

Little Mr Chunky Butt getting his crawling legs ready.


Day 13

“Daddy, could you push me please? I want a BIG swing!”

It’s handy having a handy daddy.


Day 14

Day 14

Today I am enjoying the start of a holiday – two nights completely child-free, enjoying the delights of Noosa with my mum, while hubby is looking after the boys. What a man!

So to make the most of it, we got up ridiculously early and went for a two hour horse ride along the beach at Noosa North Shore this morning.


Day 15

Noosa Beach – yes this is me! No I didn’t actually have the beach to myself.

Short description today – I’m off for happy hour cocktails!


Day 16

Back home to my boys this afternoon. It was such a blessing to have a couple of days away to fully relax for a while, but so lovely to be back and having cuddles and craziness again.

Sam is sitting up, and oh so keen to get moving so he can chase his big brother and get his toys back!


Day 17

Train watching from his favourite spot. I remember the first time we took him here to see the trains, he almost jumped out of his pram in excitement.


Day 18

We had a little family gathering today for cake and presents to celebrate Will’s upcoming 4th birthday. All week he’s been asking:

“Is it my birthday now?”
“Am I four yet?”
“Is it time for cake?”

And this afternoon: 

“I had a GREAT birthday party! Cupcakes are so yummy for me!”

I love the enjoyment and wonder he gets out of opening gifts.


Day 19

Friends with swimming pools are excellent friends to have.

Flying Will Bear – he never gets tired of this!


Day 20

Bruce & I were reminiscing today about how quickly Will has changed, how we didn’t want to forget his little quirky sayings and behaviours. All the little things that make up his personality and make us smile, laugh, groan, cry, sigh… Sometimes his childhood just seems so fleeting!

So today when he got home from kindy, I asked him to ROAR! for me. Just one of the things I want to remember.


Day 21

My little ninja.


Day 22

Cuddles with dad before bed. It’s been a long day.


Day 23

My first baby turns 4 today. He made me a mum, and us a family.

Little Business is his nickname at the moment. He loves Lego, trains, his brother, making loud noises, hot chips (but only when they’ve cooled down), and bubbles.

This is the first birthday that has held anticipation and excitement for him. He is loving being 4.


Day 24

Tickle Bears!


Day 25

Puzzles on holidays.


Day 26

Happy Australia Day!

Kayaking at Burrum Heads.


Day 27

Sam may not be out swimming, kayaking, fishing or bike-riding like his big brother, but he has little adventures all of his own. I’m savouring every baby snuggle while I can. It won’t be long.


Day 28

Cold ripe mango, sitting on the verandah, looking out over the beach. Summer holidays!


Day 29

Our last afternoon at the beach. Sigh…


Day 30

Recently I felt it was time to leave behind the “I just had a baby” excuse I was telling myself, and the eating for stress relief – to find a sustainable and healthier lifestyle. I have two energetic boys to keep up with! Part of that was starting a bit of cycling.

Big thanks to hubby for taking this & trying a different technique – after getting home from holidays, unpacking everything, and mowing the lawn!


Day 31

“He that loves reading has everything within his reach.” William Godwin

Reading is one of my favourite things to do, and if I can encourage my boys to become bookworms, I’ll be a very happy mummy.


Please get in touch here if you’d like to chat about some photos of your own family. Thanks for visiting!

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