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July Favourites | Beautiful Family Portraits in Brisbane

A couple of weeks after my clients have their photos taken, they come back to the studio for a viewing and ordering appointment (I really need to come up with a groovier-sounding name for that!). We sit back and relax, and have a look at all the photos in a video just like this one. I’ve had some seriously gorgeous kids and their awesome parents in the studio in the last couple of months, so I thought I’d do a little demo of how I present the final images to clients, and also share some of my favourite recent shots.

Watching videos like these with my clients just makes me melt – I love being there when they see them for the first time! It also helps when it comes time to choose their images for printing, as I can guide their decisions based on the reactions I notice during the video. There’s always a few that get a big “Ohhhhhh I love that one!”. And that’s the feeling you should have every day when you walk past that gorgeous photo up on your wall!

I just adore all aspects of family photography – my focus is on bringing out the unique personalities of you and your family, and really showcasing the bond and connection you share. Studio portraits don’t have to be boring and formal – I love the cheekiness, the tickles, baby giggles, and all the other things that make your family “you.”


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