Kids in the time of COVID-19 – Socially Distanced Photos

My family is very fortunate to have become part of a tight knit little village in our corner of Brisbane. I love watching our kids grow up together, seeing their friendships and imaginations develop as they play. About 18 months ago I was inspired by their shared love of superheroes and dressing up, and I decided to capture it in a special photoshoot – you can see the finished images and behind the scenes video here.

We are currently living through a very different time, where their childhood has changed in so many ways. With huge political, medical and social impacts, the time of Coronavirus will be a significant event in their formative years.

I wanted to create a new image that reflects the innate resilience and sense of fun that kids have, even these challenging times.

kids photography project - brisbane studio - coronavirus covid-19

If you’re going to be quarantined, having a hairdresser next door is super handy! Bec from Coco & Bec did all the awesome hair styles one at a time, and then sent them over to the studio for the portraits individually. We followed all the social distancing guidelines for visitors and let Photoshop magic do the rest!

They all did so well! Of course I couldn’t resist another composite showing their gorgeous smiling faces.

kids photography project - brisbane studio - coronavirus covid-19

Behind the Scenes

If you’d like to see some more behind the scenes – this video includes the making of the hairstyles, me shooting the photos (and badly explaining how to wear and adjust the bandanas from behind the camera!), and the editing process.

I’d love to hear what you’ve been doing to stay safe and sane during the past couple of months. I’m looking forward to hanging my homeschool teacher hat (it doesn’t fit very well at all…) and getting back into the studio with my lovely clients soon!

If you’d like to chat about a newborn or family session in the coming months, please get in touch here.

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