Letter to a Newborn Mum | How to achieve beautiful photos with your baby
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Letter to a Newborn Mum

Dear Newborn Mum-to-be, 

We all know that pregnancy is a miraculous journey. A messy, painful, stressful, long, agonising, unpredictable journey. You might be loving it, or you might be hating it. But it’s true what they say – it’s all worth it in the end. 

My first baby challenged my limits. I was sick and in pain almost the entire 9 months, and ended up very unwell after his delivery. At the time I thought I could take my own newborn photos, but ultimately I was too sick to do it justice. I certainly didn’t feel like I was glowing and photo-ready in those first few weeks! But it is one of my biggest regrets. My first baby, my boy who made me a mother – how I wish I had lovely photos with him as a newborn.

I totally understand that bringing a new baby home, whether she’s your first or fifth, is an overwhelming time. You’re tired, maybe a little anxious, and sometimes the days and nights stretch on endlessly. 

I wanted to write this little post to reassure you that no matter how you’re feeling, you can have beautiful newborn and family photos. Precious images with your tiny bundle snuggled in your arms.

I can pose you with your newborn in a lovely soft light, no matter how tired or self-conscious you might be feeling. None of these gorgeous mums had any more sleep than you!

letter to a newborn mum

Wouldn’t you love a photo like this with your little one?

Here’s how to make it happen! 

  • Book your session while you’re pregnant if possible. Get the formalities out of the way!
  • Once your bub arrives, send a quick email to let me know, and we pick a date for your session. This is usually around 2 weeks of age. 
  • I send you all the info you need to prepare for your session, what to bring, what to wear etc.
  • Arrive at the studio for your newborn shoot, and relax (or sleep!) on the couch while your bub has their photos taken.
  • Snuggle your little one and shower them with kisses while I take some photos. 
  • …. then treasure those photos forever!

I would LOVE to do this for YOU!  

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