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Confused about the best photo print size for you? One of the great benefits of having a custom photography session is that you have beautiful artwork featuring your family to display on your walls. After my clients’ newborn and family sessions, they come back to the studio to choose their prints and images. The advantage of this appointment is that I can assist clients to decide how to display their photos – in particular which sizes to choose.

I have plain boards cut to the print sizes I offer so that you can instantly see how a print or canvas will fill a certain space. More often than not, people are surprised just how tiny an 8×10 inch print looks when it’s actually up on the wall – and conversely, just how fantastic a 20×30 inch canvas would be!

Photo Print Size Guide

The guide below gives you a simple visual of how various print sizes can appear once they are displayed on a wall. Note: These measurements are in inches.

Notice how the different photo print size options also crop the photo differently? Be aware when you print your photos that some options have different aspect ratios, and they might be cropping out things you want to keep in!

photo print size crop display guide


My goal is to make the whole process easy for you – from booking a session to enjoying your beautiful images on your walls every day. To read other helpful posts like this, click here to see my Brisbane Newborn Photographer page. 

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