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When did my preppy become a teenager? | Prep Dress Up Day

Last week was “History dress up day” for my son in Prep. I’m usually NOT a fan of costume days. I never have any good ideas, don’t sew creative costumes and pretty much refuse to spend money on a one-off outfit.

So when we were told about dressing up for History day, I was kinda dreading it. Then one of the other mums (bless her!) said that her teenage daughter had an idea around the rock ‘n roll theme. Think Elvis, leather jackets, big hair, etc. That got me thinking about a bomber style jacket that Will already owned. So off we went to find some kids’ aviator sunnies. As luck would have it, we found some. Add a white shirt and jeans, and his costume was complete!

For the finishing touch – a bit of hair gel and attitude… and I give you the five-year-old version of Goose from Top Gun (off duty).

Top Gun costume kids

I couldn’t quite believe how grown up and spunky he looked! Apparently cooperation from Will is closely related to how much attitude he can put on for the camera. That pose with the sunnies was totally unscripted.

It was a bit of a gloomy day, so I capitalised on the moody lighting coming into the studio.

Top Gun costume kids Prep dress up Prep dress up

Of course he always has time for his adoring fan, who we could hear calling out from the top of the stairs – “I want to do photos too!”

Prep dress up history day

We snuck in a quick shot of Daddy and his cheeky boys, just moments before rushing out the door.

Prep dress up history day Prep dress up history day

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE having my studio space permanently set up and available for moments like this???

If you have little people with attitude, I’ve love to talk about creating some portraits full of personality for you. Get in touch here.

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