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Sam Turns 7 – Little Kid, Big Personality!

My littlest guy turned 7 today. We have a tradition in our family to take photos of the boys on their birthdays each year. My goodness, the personality and heart in this kid just blows me away, every single day.Β 

This year his favourite thing is beyblades, and he tells me that he loves me so much, he never wants to leave. Even when he grows up and gets married, he’ll just move his wife in and we’ll all be together forever. I know this boundless affection won’t last, but I’m definitely soaking it up while it does!


These two are stuck together like glue. If one is ever at home without the other……. there’s nothing but boredom and impatience until they are reunited. I LOVE their amazing bond. I may not have gotten the perfect “look and smile” photo, but their love for each other turns me to mush!

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