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Timelapse Newborn Session | Newborn Photographer Brisbane

Before you’ve experienced a studio newborn session, it may be hard to picture how baby photos can take three hours. Often about half an hour into a session, parents have an “aha” moment. The feeds, the snuggles, the settling, the posing and setting up. It all takes time, and my highest priority is always your baby’s comfort and safety. 

Tiny babies are still getting used to being out in the world, so their movements and facial expressions are often uncoordinated and stilted. Photographing newborns when they are deeply asleep and relaxed is the best way to capture their beautiful little faces. This is why we feed and cuddle and wait until your little one is ready. Posing your baby is also very precise – curled up legs, hands resting comfortably, no sneaky double chins. All these little details make a big difference to how the finish photo turns out – and even a little startle can mean starting the setup again.  

Having an assistant work with me for every newborn sessions helps to make the whole process go smoothly. She can be settling your baby while I get the next setup ready, and she is always close by, ready to keep your newborn snug and safe during each pose. 

I had an idea recently to create a timelapse newborn session video to demonstrate all the behind the scenes activity that goes on. Thank you to Hannah & Nathan for bringing their beautiful Annalise into the studio to help me with this project. And thank you to Roz for being a wonderful assistant.

Timelapse Newborn Session

I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into one of my newborn sessions. See the entire three-hour shoot and some of her lovely images in about two minutes! 

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