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Don’t waste your money on a plastic stick | Let me Print Your Photos

Do you print your photos?

You know what most people say when they come into the studio? They see one of the beautiful babies or families on display, and they go “Oohhhhhhh that’s so CUTE!”

They’re not talking about digital images on a screen or a USB sitting on the shelf. They’re talking about gorgeous artwork that is printed and displayed happily on the walls and bookshelves. 

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My favourite part of taking someone’s photos happens about a month after the photo shoot itself. When I have the finished product in my hands, and the family that I have gotten to know throughout their session comes back to the studio to pick up their prints.

There are two reasons why this is my favourite bit:

1. I have done it all for you

My mission is not just to create beautiful photos, it’s to make your life easier. From thinking about having a photo session to enjoying your family photos on the wall – it should require very little effort for you. I want your session to be relaxed and enjoyable – I don’t want you to have to worry about the kids cooperating, and I don’t want you running around trying to figure out where and how to print your photos. 

After missing out with my first, I was determined to have beautiful newborn images of my second bub. This was it – our family was complete and I wanted gorgeous pics, with me IN THE PHOTOS. I love them! But… even though I have a dedicated professional printer and suppliers that I use to create client artwork, it took me two years to print those newborn photos!

I know what it’s like to have a USB in a drawer holding your precious memories, but never really enjoying them. Professional photography is an investment in art, not just an investment in a really expensive plastic stick.

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2. I know your images look their best

I have been photographing babies and families for over 7 years, and I have investigated and trialled many printing companies during that time. Unfortunately, your local Big W or Harvey Norman cannot produce the quality prints that my professional suppliers can. The colour, the clarity (sounds like a diamond!), the workmanship. When I hand over your beautiful prints, I know that it has been made to last and be enjoyed for many years to come.

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Now don’t get me wrong. I LOVE digital files. Having the option to archive your beautiful photos, share them online with friends, and make duplicate prints down the tack – that’s all brilliant! But it doesn’t compare to flicking through a handmade, leather bound album; walking past a beautiful framed print on the wall every day; looking at your angelic children when they were just tiny toddlers on a big canvas. 

All of my packages offer both print and digital images. 

Your Options

I have a huge range of options when it comes to choosing your prints. Metal, acrylic, canvas, frames, albums – in any combination and size you can imagine (just about!). Samples are on display in the studio and I help you through the selection process at your ordering appointment. 

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When you book a professional portrait session, think about the end result. Fill the blank space on your wall (or make space if need be!). Enjoy the rewards of your investment, and watch your children delight in seeing themselves as part of your family.  

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