studio & outdoor family photos

Studio & Outdoor Family Photos | The Best of Both!

When Jenevere got in touch with me about her long-anticipated family portrait, she was undecided between studio & outdoor family photos. The studio provides a lovely clean backdrop with the focus on the family, and it’s not dependent on the weather. An outdoor location gives a beautiful natural background with opportunities for the kids to run and play and interact with their environment.

With the studio located just a few hundred metres from some lovely bushland, I suggested we do both!

Before I share their gorgeous images, I couldn’t resist taking this photo of Julian, who came in from the car mid-nap, and decided it wasn’t time for photos yet. More napping to be done! He is soooo adorable!

studio outdoor family photos


So the first half of this session was in the studio. There are so many gorgeous photos to choose from, so here are just a few. 

studio family photos brisbane black & white studio family photos studio family photos

Such handsome young men!

teenage boy studio portrait teenage boy studio portrait

How cool is Wilson’s bowtie???

five year old boy studio photo five year old boy studio phototoddler boy studio photo toddler boy studio photo

Jenevere & her boys

studio & outdoor family photos brothers family portrait brothers family portrait

I always encourage parents to have a couple of photos together too. Often it’s at the start of the session to relax the kids (they help me take the photos, make mum & dad laugh, etc.).

studio portrait mum and dad studio portrait for parents


The outdoor portion of the session was a little shorter. Great photos don’t tend to happen when little ones are tired and cranky! We focussed on getting some family shots and the boys together. In the late afternoon sun, the images worked out beautifully! So much personality from these kids!

I love the connection in this one!

And this is the lovely family shot they chose to frame for their wall. Love love love! 

studio & outdoor family photos 018

If you’d like photos like this of your own gorgeous family, please get in touch here. I’m sure you can see in your mind’s eye the photo you’d love to see on your wall. Let me make it happen for you!

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